Codigo: 1806190854

Ever since it was founded in 1896, Our Company has been constantly evolving, striving to achieve its fundamental mission statement of promoting our exceptional Spanish paprika in international markets. Always remaining true to our principle of maximum effort to achieve quality and customer satisfaction, we have become one of the sector’s leading companies in terms of projection, technological development, and investment in R&D+I.

In 2004, we took a giant leap towards the future with the creation of PERU BRANCH in Lurín - Lima. This modern technological company applies all our experience and know-how, allowing us to embark on growing our own crops, which enables us to comprehensively control our product from the sowing stage right up to packaging the end product. A process that guarantees absolute traceability from start to finish

Tenemos un posicionamiento y cadenas de distribución en varios países para hierbas y especias. En los Últimos meses hemos recibido requerimiento de clientes y distribuidores para corteza de limón y naranja deshidratada. 

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