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Our company has been created with the aim of developing a comprehensive international trade in International Trade, to support new businesses and those with potential and export capacity in the industry of fruits and vegetables from Chile and abroad and also for Importers of fruits in the world in their ongoing quest need increasingly more competitive prices and quality of fruits, garlic and onions, for this we have four business divisions, in order to provide our customers a specialized and efficient under common control and service channel. This staff under a high degree of professionalism, highly experienced in international trade and transport, ensuring our service commitments to our clients and business partners.


1) PRODUCTS TO SELL: We buy directly from importers of fruits and vegetables, apples, grapes, kiwis, citrus, vegetables are specialists in marketing of garlic and onions in markets such as USA, Mexico, Europe, Central America , trade directly with our customers has allowed us with our experience gained over 12 years to maintain a great business relationship strategically to ensure their shipments and be more competitive by outsourcing their sales department of your company export.

Strategic alliances with producers and exporters from ARGENTINA - CHINA, producing high-quality garlic as we work with a group of exporters of this product in the production of garlic in Qingdao, production of garlic from Chile and China, also onions from Chile and Argentina, all networked with producers to ensure our customers competitive prices and above all the highest quality in terms of fresh fruits (Apples, Kiwi, UVA) from Chile, and citrus fruits (particularly oranges) from Tucumán and Black Rio Argentina, associate producers of large volumes and high quality, all Euro GAP certification.

2) Services to SMEs ONIONS AND GARLIC MARKETING OF FRESH FRUITS: This service is aimed at small and medium enterprises with high capacity and export potential, which often his weakness is concentrated in the commercial departments of his organization, providing great support marketing their products with maximum effectiveness when marketing their products to customers serious business with great commitment.

3) Quality control in production processes export of garlic and onions: We have a professional team with vast experience in various production processes of packaging and selection, we provide all technical assistance from the harvest, production process and reached base of garlic and onions to different markets according to their restrictions and packaging standards previously set by international standards, and according to our broad customer base abroad.

4) Logistics: In strategic alliances and business partners have major transport companies give us their expertise in transport logistics services both refrigerated air, sea and land, with maximum service and competitive rates that will make business of export of fruits and vegetables to be competitive

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