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The company makes a delicious range of avocado oils from ripe Hass avos. The flavours include plain, garlic, lemon, and butter-flavoured avocado oil which are now all available in beautiful slender bottles.

What makes avocado oil healthy? It is packed with all the good stuff from avos – the same monounsaturated fats (omega-3 and 6) and is naturally cholesterol free.

This Avocado Oil has the stamp of approval from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa and, certified Halaal and Kosher, and suitable for vegans. - Avocado oil has a high smoke-point (up to 250 ˚C), which means the health structure remains intact, even after being heated. This also means it is great for a wide range of cooking methods. Not only is it ideal for drizzling over salads, but can be used for frying, roasting and braaing and even baking.

The Plain Avocado Oil has a completely neutral flavour. Therefore, it is suitable for a wide range of dishes.

Interesting Information of the Company
The Company is part of a Holding that is one of the single largest avocado producers in the world. The company was established over 60 years ago by their founders, It believed in ethical and sustainable farmin and provides a free clinic and resource centre to their employees, as well as a day care centre and primary school for their children.

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