A & B Famous Gefilte Fish

We didn't invent Gefilte Fish, we just made it better and easier to enjoy than ever before. For over five hundred years, Gefilte Fish has been a healthful, holiday favorite. But because of the intense labor Bubbe (Grandma) had to endure in order to produce this wonderful delicacy, you could only count on enjoying it on special occasions. Sure, there are canned and bottled varieties available, but they are poor substitutes for the fresh-baked aroma and savory goodness of the real thing. So about two decades ago, along come our founders, Abraham Koth and Benjamin Berger. They asked themselves a simple question, "What can we do so the world can enjoy the enticing taste of old-fashioned Gefilte anytime?" They answered their question with the introduction of A&B Gefilte Fish.

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